About TLWB

At some point in our lives, whether at age 6 or 60, we wonder, “What am I going to do when I grow up? How will I make a living? What is my life’s work?”

In school, the simple story goes: choose what you want to do, study these subjects, and your career path will be illuminated.

For some, that simple formula works. But in general, settling into a life path is much messier. From the very first job hunt at graduation to the searching that comes with transitions later in life, many more elements come into play than what you studied in school: luck, location, personality, talent, goals, life circumstances, community connections, social norms, family expectations.

The subset of those elements can play out differently for women, a fact that deeply interests me.

How does a woman land in a satisfying livelihood? What is her path to finding a career? What makes for a fulfilling life? What choices and realities influence the path she chooses or falls into?

The answers will be different for every woman, and I believe that a collection of such stories can provide a menu of role models and maps for other women who are seeking guidance in their lives.

This space is dedicated to exploring the many paths women take to find their life’s work, and how they balance life and work. This is The Life Work Blog.

To read general commentary and stories from around the web on women’s work life and life’s work, check out Food for Thought.

Look under Pathways for quotes from personal stories (some anonymized, some not) – each one is unique, yet is likely to resonate with a broader truth of American working life in some way. The ultimate goal is to make full stories behind the quotes available in book form.

Thanks for visiting TheLifeWorkBlog. I welcome your comments and suggestions!

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