Advice for women seeking a raise

This story from the New York Times appeared in my news feed today: A Toolkit for Women Seeking a Raise.

A couple of quotes:

“We have found that if a man and a woman both attempt to negotiate for higher pay, people find a woman who does this, compared to one who does not, significantly less attractive,” said Hannah Riley Bowles, an associate professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, who has conducted numerous studies on gender, negotiation and leadership. “Whereas with the guy, it doesn’t seem to matter.”


Instead of explaining why you deserve a raise directly, for instance, frame it in terms of why it makes sense for the organization or the person you’re trying to persuade.

I’d rail against the suggestion, except that

“When a woman negotiates persuasively for higher compensation, she clears the path for other women to follow.”

Yet another thing for women to have to work around in their career paths.

Makes me think of this:


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