NYT: Look closely before leaping

This New York Times article “Look Closely Before Leaping From a Steady But Unfulfilling Job” didn’t deliver as much as its title promised. Still, I found a quote that resonates with one of the reasons I’m working on this blog:

“We have this myth that is still following us that you prepared for one career, you got a job in it and you stayed there for 30 years,” said Helen Harkness, founder of Career Design Associates, near Dallas. “We’re still dealing with that with midcareer people even though most know it’s a dead myth.”

One thought on “NYT: Look closely before leaping

  1. There are planners, they may have a goal for their future that entails staying the course, saving as much money as they can, and bet on the odds that one day they can retire “early” then live the life they dream and many do beat the odds. There are leapers, they want to love what they are doing so they take jobs they think will be fun and leap from one to the other until hopefully, they wind up with a really cool job that pays well and have had a lot of fun along the way. There are the steadfast, who out of fear of poverty, or personal insecurity, or because they fit a jog like a glove stay with a job their whole life. It could be as a waitperson, or bartender, or it could be in the high tech department of a high tech company but in the end, they leave either financially secure, or not, but may be fulfilled and happy or not. There are entrepreneurs with creative minds who invent, create and work their jobs seeking pathways to manifesting their ideas, some successful big time, some not. There are as many more profiles as there are people. It is all process and all personal.
    Each is on a path and carries with him/her a backpack filled with nature and nurture. Nobody can predict what formula will work for what individual. (certainly related to my personal experience) A spark may ignite or fizzle and the teacher who spends energy on one student who shows promise over one who seems an under achiever, may be very surprised one day. To leap or not, that’s the question, risk and cliff everybody faces in their life. Who can say but the individual?

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