A career in the rail industry – for women?

This article in The Guardian – ‘Being a woman isn’t a barrier to working in the rail industry‘  – made me think about how the status quo can be limiting to the imagination.

I bet there are some women out there who would make fantastic rail workers (or mechanics, or any number of traditionally male-dominated professions) and would love their jobs, but they don’t pursue that path because it wouldn’t even occur to them to imagine it.

To quote a woman quoted in the above-linked article:

I began my career as a nurse and had never dreamed of joining the railway. Now I’m a train driver and have been for a decade. When I joined the rail industry, it never occurred to me that I could become a train driver until I read an article written by a female driver. I just assumed it wasn’t the done thing – and it wasn’t really: only 5% of train drivers are female.

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