Learn to be good with discomfort

In honor of Bike Month in May, I’m reposting this inspirational tidbit from my Wyobraska Tandem Blog.

Wyobraska Tandem

After two days driving to work, this morning’s bike commute seemed . . . annoying somehow.

Why should I expend all this energy pushing pedals when I could just hop in the car and be there in half the time?

It’s deviously attractive to take the easy way out.

But the easy way does not lead to amazing things.

I once read a study that showed that runners are viewed more positively at work as compared to their non-running colleagues.

I wonder if that positive association is actually correlated with grit – the ability to tough it out and get things done, to accomplish a goal in spite of adversity.

A friend on social media shared an article this morning that I started thinking about while some other part of my brain was whining about how difficult it was to *groan* bike uphill *moan* against the wind.

It was a…

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