Career-study framework

I set up a Google alert to funnel career-path-related articles to my inbox, and I’ve at times been delighted by the unlikely sources I find.

Take, for instance, this article by Dr Pallab Bandyopadhyay from Swarayja magazine (tagline: “Swarajya – a big tent for liberal right of centre discourse that reaches out, engages and caters to the new India.”): “Am I On The Right Career Path?“That people in a different culture half a world away are also struggling with the phenomenon of finding the “right” career reinforces my belief that the work I’m doing on this blog is important.

I’m appreciative to Dr. P. B. for introducing me to a few terms of art and subject experts.

Famous career researchers Derr and Lauren defined the internal career as primary, subjective and owned by the careerists, and the external career as objective and reflecting a real world of constraints and opportunities in organisations and occupations. As, aptly put by them: “Internal career is ‘What do I want from work, given my perceptions of who I am and what’s possible?’…External career is ‘What’s possible and realistic in my organisation and occupation, given my perceptions of the world of work?”

Dr Ed Schein’s development of the “Career Anchor” concept in assessing career orientation of individuals is a breakthrough in career research in terms of shifting its focus from external to internal careers of individuals.

As aptly put by career researcher Shepard, “the things that you can now or potentially could do with excellence, which are fulfilling in the doing of them, so fulfilling that if you also get paid to do them, it feels not like compensation, but like a gift”.

Derr, Lauren, Schein, Shepard . . . internal career, external career . . . I’ve got some more reading to do.

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