A class in adult career development

I was proceeding down an Internet rabbit hole the other day when I stumbled upon this: a course description for a class in adult career development.

An excerpt:

Virtually every recent study of career development begins with the assumption that we are in a period of significant social and economic transformation, and thus we need ways to understand new forms of and conditions for work. Moreover, our task is complicated by difficulties attached to the terms of the course title. For example, the Oxford English Dictionary defines a career as “an occupation or profession engaged in as a life-work” and as “a way of making a livelihood and advancing oneself.” But within such conventional understanding fruitful distinctions can be made. We can observe, for example, differences between the external career, or the series of stages (or statuses) associated with a particular form of work or a profession, and the internal career, or the perspective an individual has on the development of his or her working life. So too, have ideas such as the boundaryless or protean career been added to our thinking about adult development.

I had no idea there was a formal course of study on such a thing. I’m intrigued!

I’d like to take this class, but since I’m a bit far from Michigan State, perhaps I’ll just add the required reading to my Goodreads queue.

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