Most popular and common jobs by state

I enjoy data maps. They can tell some interesting stories.

Story #1 is this set of maps NPR created from Census Bureau data.

It’s fascinating to watch how the data change from 1978-2014, with “farmer” and “secretary” disappearing over the years, to be replaced with “truck driver.” (Note: a chunk of sales and management positions were excluded from the data, due to the categories being catch-all and vague.)

Story #2 is this map Business Insider made from Bureau of Labor statistics.

This map stripped out the common jobs and features jobs that are “disproportionately concentrated in each state.”

I think I enjoy the Business Insider map a little more, because of the regional flavor it reveals about the United States. So much of the country has been homogenized. The NPR story noted, “Regional specialization has declined. So jobs that are needed everywhere — like truck drivers and schoolteachers — have moved up the list of most-common jobs.”

This data has a couple of lessons for folks at a fork on their career paths.

If you favor mobility, shoot for a more common career. You could pretty much get a job anywhere.

If you have your heart set on a particular career, note that it may dictate where you live.

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