The multi-job career

Sometimes, I’ve felt like a bit of an oddball, with my circuitous career path.

But when I heard an NPR story yesterday about Bureau of Labor Statistics study, it made me feel a bit better. On average, folks in the Baby Boomer generation have held 11 jobs by the time they reach age 46.

I looked up the data. Turns out, the BLS news release is a couple of years old, from 2012. It’s from a longitudinal study following the same people through their lives. The study counted “an uninterrupted period of work with a particular employer” between ages 18 to 46. (Found the link to the data above in the BLS NLS FAQ.)

For people in my demographic – white non-hispanic women with at least a bachelor’s degree – the average number of jobs was 12, and 31 percent of my demographic have held 15 or more jobs.

I counted up all my jobs, including a couple of odd temp and part-time jobs I held while looking for full-time work, and I came up with 16 jobs. Thanks to the stats above, I feel a bit more “normal” now. Granted, I haven’t hit age 46 yet – I could still add to my jobs total . . .

Where do you fall on the “jobs held between ages 18 to 46” spectrum?

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