Myers-Briggs career path?

How many of you have taken the Myers-Briggs test?


I know I took the test. In high school, I think. I can’t remember my alphabet soup category, but I can remember the context – we were finding out what we were supposed to be good at, what we were Supposed To Do With Our Lives.

Which is funny, because, according to many recent articles, including a September 2014 article in Forbes, the Myers-Briggs test is utterly inappropriate for that task, with “no more reliability and validity than a good Tarot card reading.”

Using [the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator] to make career, personnel or leadership development decisions is like baking cookies with a saxophone; it’s just not the right tool for the job.

Aw, but it’s so TEMPTING!

It’s so much easier to answer a series of questions and get a tidy little printout of who we are and what direction we should take. Much easier than all the messy flailing around that making decisions out in the real world usually requires.

But I think there is still value in these types of “who are you?” tests. They can help us to reflect on what holds meaning for us.

For those of you missing out on the Myers-Briggs test (it’s expensive to take),  try this “Who Am I Meant To Be?” quiz from Oprah instead.

Have any of you taken career direction from the Myers-Briggs test? How did it work out for you?

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